Episode Three – Bonus Episode

The Parlotones China

Episode Three - Bonus Episode

A quick bonus episode to give an update on the Patreon site. Thanks for listening! Have a look at the Patreon site here: www.patreon.com/paulhodgson   Cheers! Paul.

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The Parlotones New Album Available

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Episode Two – Tremolo!

The Parlotones China

Episode Two - Tremolo!

Welcome to Episode Two! In this episode, you can hear Paul talk about his favourite guitar effect, Radiohead, and some more info about the upcoming Patreon site (amongst other rambling musings). Hope you enjoy!

Our First Ever Podcast

The Parlotones - Official Website

Listen to our very first Podcast

This is the first episode of our Podcast, it’s a test run. There may be sound issues, there may be incorrect facts, there may be dogs barking in the background. Don’t judge us too harshly, please…

Can you feel it? It’s a new era!

The Parlotones - Official Website
The Parlotones - Official Website

Can you feel it? It's a new Era

Greetings everybody, and welcome to our new website!

Take a look around and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a vast improvement over our older one. We will be continually updating and adding things, so keep checking back.

We will also be doing a monthly newsletter which will be hosted here on the site, as well as being emailed out to subscribers; so, if you’re not subscribed yet, head over and do that now.

We’re also going to be starting a podcast soon, as well as a few extra digital projects, which should be interesting. Keep a look out for that.

This week we’re heading out to Bloemfontein and Verkykerskop, so if that’s in your neck of the woods we’d love to see you there.

And now for the good/bad news: our show at Teatro in Monte Casino is SOLD OUT. So good news for those of you who have tickets, but bad news for those of you who missed out. It promises to be a great evening, and we’ll be playing our latest single, “Can You Feel It” which is currently available on all the music platforms in South Africa. So best you go give it a few listens so you can sing along!

Right, that’s all for now. Just a quick hello and update on what’s going on. Hope to see you, wherever you are in the world, very soon!

Cheers and much love!

Glen, Neil, Kahn, Paul aka The Parlotones.