Last week of November, 2019.

Hello to you – the person reading this. Thanks for taking the time.

If I recall correctly the last newsletter I wrote was just before we were about to leave for our annual UK/EU tour. Well, the good news is that we made it! We survived the month and are now back at home! The tour started in London and moved swiftly along through Brighton, Liverpool, and Birmingham, before we jumped aboard the trusty P&O Ferry and landed ourselves in France, where we hit the ground running through Germany, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

Thank you to all of you that came out to the shows, and to those of you who made our trip a little bit easier in any way, we thank you too. We had a lot of laughs while we spent many, many hours in the van zig-zagging across the continent, we even managed to watch the World Cup Rugby Final in our van on one of those trips, via the wonders of today’s technologies. I fondly
remember our first international tours where you were lucky if you got to make one phone call a week from a ticky-box somewhere in whichever city you found yourself in. These days with Wi-fi, Maps on our smart phones, WhatApp, and pre-loaded sim cards touring life is a lot easier, but also not like it used to be. But we love it regardless, and will continue to do it as long as this poor planet allows us to.

One thing that I loved about touring back then (when we each had to make our tiny per diem of 5 pounds a day last) and that I continue to love today is SUBWAY! Spotting a Subway on tour is something that makes me so happy. When people ask me what I miss the most about travel when I’m home – the answer is Subway – but I’ll generally tell them something else that they probably want to hear. When they ask me to tell them about cool tourist sites we visited, I kindy oblige with tales of 5000 year -old temples, and giant skyscraping cathedrals, but really in the back of my head I’m really just thinking of that “Veggie Delite 6” I grabbed after sound check in Birmingham. I am a sandwich man.

Speaking of exploring the places we go to, Neil is an avid ‘Geo-Chache-r’. I feel that he may be the only band member in South Africa who actually goes out and finds these things. And he has found A LOT of them. Often Rob and I will join him on the hunt, and we have seen so many cool places and things on this tour, and on previous tours, that we wouldn’t have ever even known about, had it not being for ‘Geo-Caching’. If you don’t know what it is, then download the app – it’s very much worth it. If you think that you may perhaps be a legit challenger to Neil, please let us know, and we can compare numbers (You’ll lose).

So now we only have a few more shows left for this year. This weekend we bring ‘The Choraltones” to Monte Casino, which will be a very special show featuring us, a choir, some strings, and guest artists. If you are reading this and you haven’t bought your tickets yet…you know what to do.

Then in December we tour a little up and down the coast, before taking a little break in January to regroup, recover, and think up a plan for 2020 that will make it even more awesome than this year was!

Hope to see you on the road.