Tour Diary

Glen's Tour Diary. 26 October.

So here we are in Zurich. I think. Got a beautiful view of the little town we’re staying/playing in and surrounding countryside from the hotel room I’m sharing with Paul – one half of the ‘Brawler Brothers’ – as we’re more commonly known as. Paul has taken to slapping guys by surprise these days, I think he’s trying to step away from the bare-knuckle scene. He’s more of a Sneaky Winder than a Peaky Blinder lately, so it may be the end of our brawling days. Thank goodness. I don’t think my knuckles and body can take much more.

Anyway, I was sat meditating a little while ago, basking in the sunlight (everyone else has gone to eat a Döner kebab) and I swear I thought I felt a spider crawling on my back. I ignored it but, while I’m typing this, I kid you not,  what looked like a black widow ran down its web by the door, saw me, and quickly ran back up into its hole. I guess what I’m saying is that perhaps I just narrowly escaped a painful and rather deadly encounter on my hotel balcony, far away from home. Imagine that.

Besides that, we have had a fun little tour so far, which started with 4 shows in the UK. London, Brighton, Birmingham, and Liverpool were all loads of fun and it was great seeing everyone who came out to see us and sing along to our tunes. We also had an awesome support act called The Magic E’s. Special mentions go out to Guy Heathcote, Jo Blackmore, and everyone at The Feathers Pub in Lichfield for making tour all that more of a jol.

Last night and tonight we’re supported by Lea and Toni, who are a duo called Lanies Willow.

Tomorrow – Austria, then back to Germany to finish up.

Then we’re going on a secret holiday for a few days. But that’s a secret.

Halloween will be an interesting evening as we have the night off, so who knows what we’ll get up to? Luckily we have our videographer and photographer pal Jerome on the road with us documenting most things, so just keep your eyes on our social media and you won’t miss a thing (except those things we make him delete, which is most things cos we’re so rock n roll)

Oh, and something happened last night that I’ve never seen happen before in all my 21 years of being in a band – Rob got gifted a SKATEBOARD. A. COMPLETE. SKATEBOARD. Branded with Parlotones logos and stuff. And not a cheap, kak imitation one either. At least I think he did. Maybe I dreamt it. If not, let’s hope he gets it home in one piece. If someone could please bring a spanner set to any of the upcoming shows I’m sure he’d appreciate it. 😁😁😁😁😆.

Oh and I’d love a Swiss Army Knife thanks.

Much love.

Leaving on a jet plane

Leaving on a jet plane

In the mad rush to get his packing done, Paul found a few minutes to chat about plans for the UK & Europe tour and a few other topics.

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