Goodbye to a beautiful soul

Goodbye to a beautiful soul... Until we meet again

Hi everyone.

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to one of our most loyal fans of all time. After coming to almost every Cape Town (and surrounding areas) show we’ve ever played, nearly always on her trusty bicycle, Marie Jansen was tragically taken from us all to soon this morning after a brief battle with cancer.

Marie was one of the purest, happiest and most beautiful souls we have ever known, and her absence at shows will be felt by us, as well as by everyone else, who befriended her over the many years. We will always remember the sparkle in her eyes and the excitement and enthusiasm in her voice when it came to music and cycling.

Marie, may you rest in peace after a life lived to the fullest.

You will be remembered x


I’ll be honest, not much has happened since we last spoke.

The band have put in a couple of rehearsals to just to “sharpen the saw”, as Kahn so often likes to say (Personally, I can tell you from years of experience that more-often-than-not it’s HIS saw that needs the most sharpening. 😜)

We play our first official show of the year this week Saturday in Durban at the Lovers & Friends concert.

Looking forward to it! And any excuse to go to the sea, is just fine by me. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to go for a run on the promenade and jump into the ocean.

After that I see that the shows are rolling in strong and fast so keep your eye on our gig guide and book your tickets!

Load Shedding, Wifi and Q & A

Load Shedding, Wifi and Q&A

In this episode, Paul talks about what it’s like living in South Africa when it’s load shedding season (which is pretty much all the time now) 🙂

He also answers some of your questions from Facebook.