Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We all hope that this year will be full of good things for all of you. May we all just take a step back and remember that we are tiny beings living on a tiny planet and that if you zoom out into space for just a few seconds and have a look at Earth from up there, you easily realize that many things are really simply just not worth the drama we put ourselves through.

We’ve had a good break but are ready to get back into the saddle come February, so keep you eye on our website and social medias so you don’t miss out on tickets!

We’re also ready to hit the studio again to begin work on something new that we have up our sleeves for you, which is going to be AWESOME.

And that’s all the news so far, really, we’ll see you all soon at a show.

Hello 2020

Hello 2020

Welcome to a new decade! Paul chats about having time of in January and what we can expect for the new year.