Glen’s Last blog for the year

Last blog for 2019

Load shedding has its up sides. For one I can enjoy this beautiful, post-rain scenery whilst sipping on a whiskey and typing this blog. Had there been electricity I’d probably be typing this in front of the TV while simultaneously trying to fathom the events that lead to WWII and eat my spaghetti without biting a hole in my right cheek. (Said WWII events, can I just say, were INSANE.) It’s hard to imagine something that happened so recently ever happening again, but let’s be honest, we’ve been killing each other over land since the beginning of time, and still are. Here’s hoping that a long overdue Alien invasion finally brings the people of Earth together for once.

But enough about that, for now it’s mid-December 2019 and almost every band and artist in SA is gearing up for some or other kind of Summer Tour. For us – it’s our annual SUMMERTONES Tour, which hits Durban next week, pauses for Christmas, and then continues in the Cape post-Christmas. There are only 6 shows so be sure to book your tickets NOW!

For all the DATES click HERE

So this will be my final blog entry until 2020 so I just want to, on behalf of the band, thank each and every one of you for your continued support and we can’t wait to get back at it next year – we’ve got some cool shit up our sleeves, so keep your calenders open!

Until then,
Much Love