Glen's Turn to write a blog

Hello to all you beautiful people!

It is my turn to write something for our blog. After reading Paul’s last one I’ve not much more to add, but let’s see how it goes.

Last weekend we flew out to Harare, Zimbabwe for a show and I’ll tell you what, I haven’t been that cold on stage for a long, long time. As luck would have it, of course, I had decided not to bring anything warm to wear because I mean, let’s face it, who would ever think that it gets cold in Zimbabwe? We survived, and had fun. Many South African artists who had been booked to play north-of-SA that week had cancelled their shows because of all the anti-South African protests that were going on, but not us! We even flew into Zim the day after Robert Mugabe passed away – how’s that for timing?

Our videographer Jerome, catching the footage and all the crumbs

So thank you to the beautiful people of Harare for coming out to the show, and to everyone who was involved in making us feel so welcome – especially our van driver (who’s name I’ve forgotten) for making the extra effort to get us post-show junk food, and getting us to the airport at an unthinkably early time on Sunday.

Speaking of post-show eating, there’s always a point of the night where Neil demands food. Mostly it’s KFC that his post-show body requires. So he’ll demand that we stop at a KFC on the way home, and then 30 seconds later he’ll fall asleep.

The rest of us (who really just want to go to sleep) are then faced with the decision to either:

a.) Go to a fast food place and try to rouse Neil (which is mostly impossible)
b.) Go back to the accom and deal with his wrath when he wakes up and realizes the van doesn’t stink of gross, greasy fast-food.

It’s one of those things that has always been and will always be, and it’s one of the things we love him for.

Every member has their ‘thing’. Most of us have more than one ‘thing’…

Kahn will do his vocal warm ups as near to everyone else as possible, and everyone will just adjust their talking or music volume accordingly. We’re used to this now, but for other people witnessing this for the first time it’s quite alarming. It’s quite the room-clearer.

Our sound guy Josh likes to panic, and will “lose” at least one thing every night, and then proceed to miraculously find it again just in time. He is Peter, from Peter & The Wolf, really.

Paul will give you a steady stream of random and useless information from
things he’s read, and is generally Devil’s Advocate for most given topics.
“Meditation has been found to make recovering addicts relapse into old addictions” was his last one to me.

Rob often scares me silly with his out-of-the-blue dance move attacks on stage.

AK likes to start every trip on tour with a 10 minute long joke, setting the mood for that day.

So I bet you’re wondering what my ‘thing’ is? Well so am I. One of them, I guess, is that after a few beverages I assume the form of ‘DJ DREADFUL’, a name given to me by Rob. D.J.D enjoys hijacking the blue tooth and spinning songs that he likes, but no one else does, at ear-snapping volume on every drive home. The only relief from him comes in the form of any open KFC along the route home. I’ve heard rumours, though, that D.J.D has gone into retirement, due to the lack of booze in his system – so that’s good new for everyone.

Like Paul mentioned, we’re currently winding down our ‘Unplugged-ish’ tour, and will be heading to UK and Europe next month, so go get your tickets and we’ll see you on the road –you can find us late at night at most Services buying food or trying to catch stuffed animals in those impossible claw machine games.

Much Love to you all.

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