Back in the USSR (well, Joburg...)

Hello to all you beautiful people!

We have returned to the sunny shores of South Africa after spending the last 4 weeks or so traipsing around the UK and Europe where it got pretty chilly. Mostly it was just jacket and/or scarf kind of weather, but towards the end it started getting very cold and it was double-sock weather. You can prepare for the cold, but it’s the rain and damp weather that you’re not ready for. You can dress as warm as you like, but when your hoodie and shoes are damp then you start getting miserable.

(And it was weird talking to folk back home and hearing about how it was over 36° and they’re all sleeping with fans on and the windows open, while we were shivering with jackets and hoodies on in beds!)

We had such an amazing time in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Malta, and it was so good to see all our friends and fans again but it’s always great to return home.

If you go browse our Facebook and Instagram pages, you’ll see daily tour diaries that our trusty cameraman Jerome put together while we were on the road. It’s a great snapshot of life on the road and gives a little bit of insight into what goes on behind-the-scenes… which is mostly just us sleeping or joking around.



Now that we’re home, we’re putting the final touches to our CHORTALTONES shows at Teatro in Montecasino, which happens in ONE WEEK! (eek!)

CHORTALTONES is a production we’re doing alongside the National Youth Choir and a small orchestra section. So you’ll hear all (or most, anyway!) of your favourite Parlotones song performed alongside an amazing youth choir and a beautiful string section, bringing a whole element to the songs you know and love. 

There will also be performances and co-labs with Majozi and Bard, so get ready for an epic show.

Friday 29th is almost sold out, so if you hurry you might be able to get some seats, but for you slowpokes we’ve added a matinee show on Saturday the 30th. Of course, you may enjoy the Friday night so much that you’ll want to get a ticket for Saturday afternoon as well. 

Hope to see you all soon!


Paul, Kahn, Glen, Neil, Rob, Josh, Gregg, AK, Mr. Beck, Ash, Chad, Gwen, Jo & Kayleigh our merch ladies … etc. etc. etc.

aka the whole Parlotones gang

(as they say, it takes a village to look after a band…)