September Newsletter - On the Road again.

Greetings from Johannesburg where Spring has finally sprung in South Africa!

It’s been getting warmer and warmer here, but predictably there’s always that last little chilly snap just as you’re thinking you can pack away your winter jackets and gas heaters. And then of course as it’s getting hot in South Africa we’ll heading over to the UK and Europe where it’ll be Autumn, and then back in time for Summer with our December South African touring!

So when it comes to packing bags for tour, it’s always a balance between having enough clean clothes to last the trip but also not having to lug around a huge suitcase full of every possible outfit. The most important items of clothing are obviously what we need to wear on stage; which is usually any combination of red, white, and black – closely followed by clean underwear and socks for each day of course!

Recently we did a photoshoot with Heidi Couture and their line of clothing Stoompomp (an Afrikaans spin on Steampunk) and now we have some interesting new outfits for stage, but they’re quite a lot bulkier than just the usual skinny jeans and t-shirts. So once that’s all packed into a kitbag or small suitcase, any leftover space is for the stuff you need to wear during the day for travel. Any tour away from home for longer than a few days means you need to wear the same clothes a few times, so extra cans of deodorant are a must. Life on the road is not always glamorous!

We’re really excited about returning to the UK and Europe and looking forward to seeing you all and making new friends. Speaking of new friends, a band called The Magic Es will be joining us on the UK leg of the tour, so we’re looking forward to touring with them.

Dates for the tour can be found on our website or Facebook

Start planning your calendar now already, because we’ve got a very special show planned for the end of November. Last year we did a special event with the National Youth Choir and it was a sold-out show. It was such a great evening that we knew we had to do it again. It’s taken some planning, but we’re very happy to say that we’ll at Teatro in Montecasino with the National Youth Choir along with support from Majozi and introducing Bard.

More details will be announced over the next few weeks, but rest assured it’s a show you don’t want to miss and promises to be something very special. The bonus is you’ll get The Parlotones thrown into the mix as well! 😊

We’ve named the show CHORALTONES and so far, it’s a one-night-only event. So don’t delay, go get your tickets today.

Well that’s all for now, so hope we’ll see you all soon, wherever you are in the world. (And if we’re looking a little scruffy or smell a little funky, you now know why…)


Kahn, Glen, Paul, Neil

The Parlotones

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